Frequenly asked questions about our conference. If you have any doubts this is your place!

AvciMUN’19 is an MUN brought together with the help of different school students. We have a highly experienced academic team with members from high-school to university. 

There’s also this to be said that, as AvciMUN team we have worked a lot to give you the best experience we can. From organisation to academia AvciMUN have worked like a family to bring you the best experience.

Yes it is. We’ve got every permission from the Ministry of Education to make this conference come alive. With the certificates we’ll be giving, you can use them in your CV’s when you’re applying for a university or a job.

We’ve got plenty of experienced people on our both academic and organisation team. For further detail please check “Meet Our Team” tab.

Want to add your question here? You can ask from our Instagram address or mail us via info@avcimun.org